R5, IS on or off for flight shots?

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Re: R5, IS on or off for flight shots?

Johnnyxbow wrote:

My R5 is tack sharp with stationary birds using 100-500 lens. But in flight shots are in focus and camera does not seen to struggle tracking, but not tack sharp. Shutter speeds are up at 2500/3200 IS I have tried on mode one and two. I will try turning IS off next time, but not likely to be until next weekend.

Mode 1 should be avoided when shooting BIF with the RF 100-500, unlike the EF 100-400 II for example. In both cases mode 1 is for static, mode 2 for panning, but the RF lens seems to freeze the shot in mode 1 rather than the usual 2 axis stabilisation of the EF lens.

When I started using the RF 100-500 for shooting civil planes I started off with mode 1 as I was used to with the EF 100-400 II. Almost all of the pics came out blurry, untill switching to mode 2. Things are perfect since. The old EF lens could handle both mode 1 and 2 for the same situation, so behaviour is a bit different.

So, mode 2 or 3 for panning. I would have deactivated IS when using shutter speeds as fast as you say. Anything clearly above 1/focal length normally does not need IS.

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