How to change DMA for location

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Re: How to change DMA for location


I recently changed from DSL with Consolidated Communications (Phone company) to T-Mobile 5G. We have no cable in the area. OOKLA shows T-Mobile's IP as which shows a location of Seattle; so that's where the location is based.

I don't know if the Seattle server is affecting my internet speed. It really varies. Right now on Sunday 12:43PM I'm getting only around 2-4Mbps download but upload is around 10-14Mbps based on Ookla. It's not unusual for upload speed to go to 0 between 5-6PM during the week. Usually I get around 25-45Mbps for upload. My DSL was a consistent 3-4Mbps download and 0.5-1.5 upload.

Bob Schoner

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