Smart phone instead of zoom?

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Smart phone instead of zoom?

I had a quick trip to Philadelphia this weekend. I brought my full kit but also took smart phone pictures of some of the same spots to share quickly.

I was surprised that after the last firmware update, my phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra) now shoots in raw files that are ~20+ megs. If you pixel peep it's not hard to see differences. But I was really surprised how close the two have gotten.

So I'm pondering using my camera with fast primes and then using the smart phone as an all purpose zoom replacement. I find I take pictures of famous landmarks with a zoom just to document I was there but I find them uninspiring and rarely end up sharing them. If I just take them with my smartphone it can save a lot of space and lens changing. I could also take 1-2 additional primes instead of the all purpose zoom.

I'm just curious, with these samples, would you keep an all purpose zoom in your kit or would you be happy with the smartphone?

The smartphone seems weakest in the extreme telephoto like in the last example. It also wouldn't have the autofocus speed to capture the water like that. But what I could do is instead of taking an all purpose zoom like the 24-120 I could have taken a 70-300 or 300 PF prime for similar kit weight.

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Use smart phone as zoom and save weight or take more primes
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Keep all purpose zoom
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