How to change DMA for location

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Re: How to change DMA for location

Richard James wrote:

Robert Schoner wrote:


When I open up my browser (Firefox, Bing, Chrome) my location for weather says "DMA Seattle Tacoma", but I am in the Sacramento area.

it is likely based on the IP address (or physical address if identifiable) of the closest identifiable hop on the network to you. This would be an address owned by your network provider.


It would seem that they are registered in Seattle.

In principle, it shouldn't matter where an ISP is headquartered or registered. IP address location databases should be based on the actual physical geographic location where the owner of an IP subnet has allocated that subnet's addresses. It's always possible that such databases might default to business record locations though if there is no information for the specific subnet of addresses.

The page linked below is a publically available utility from a CDN provider that allows you to look up what they think the physical location of your IP address is. It might be worth a look for the OP to see if it shows Seattle/Tacoma or Sacramento for him. In my case, it was spot-on to my home town in the Chicago area for my Comcast IP address even though Comcast is based out of Philidelphia.

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