Two Dragons and a Damsel

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Joe Trimarchi wrote:

Jappie52 wrote:

I like them, but if you want to shoot more D&Ds you could consider getting a TC or even a longer lens, as you need to get closer. I'm using the 300mm+1.4TC or the Oly 100-400mm, and even then I often crop. The photo below was cropped to 4400x3300 and then resized.

Getting closer physically is also an option, but that often means wet feet. And you'll need even more time and patience, since you'll have to find out what their favourite perch is and then wait for them to land on it, rather than chasing them around. Have a look at this website, the author claims none of the photos are cropped, and all were taken with a relatively short lens (up to 180mm eq.).

Thanks for the helpful suggestions and the link to I had the 1.4 TC with me that day but did not use it and have not used it very much for shooting dragons/damsels. I also have the 75-300 which I used to use a lot but haven't since I got the 40-150 F2.8. I've made a few attempts at getting dragons/damsels in flight and have had some success but with very busy backgrounds. This is one example.

I rarely print any of my shots except those of my granddaughters so I always just crop to any size that removes whatever I don't like. I'm interested in the process you used where you cropped it and then resized. Why did you choose the size you cropped it to and when you resized did you make it larger or smaller? I also like the shot of your damselfly and it is one I've never seen. Where was it taken?

The example I gave is relatively lightly cropped as I was able to get quite close. The size of 4400x3300 is a bit arbitary, it could have been slightly more or less. Anyway I found the original size too big or rather the damselfly too small in the frame, so like you I was just removing what I didn't like. I then resized it only for uploading to this DPR forum.

It's a male Large Red Damsel (Pyrrhosoma nymphula), a European species:

I don't have the OM-1 (yet), but look forward to using it for DIFs. Should be fun!

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