Canon R5 or R5C?

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Re: Canon R5 or R5C?

I have an R5. I was tempted to switch to a R5C but the fact it doesn't have IBIS is an issue with me because i like shooting with fast primes and fast primes don't have OIS. And I don't want to rig it out with a gimbal. So that was my first deal breaker. Then I later discovered the R5C doesnt have animal detection which I want. And I really really like IS+ which you cant get on the R5C. I use a Ninja if I shoot long form to overcome heating so thats a non issue. What tempted me to the R5C was it having a bit more dynamic range in video but it wasnt enough for me to switch after seeing comparison videos. HQ 4k60 and 8k60 are not worth it for me because you have to add a power supply so you need to rig it out basically which I dont want to do. I had a rigged out BMPCC and just didnt like it. Just heavy and cumbersome. I like portability of the R5 getting great stable footage handeld. So it really depends on your use case and preference. If you dont mind rigging out a R5C and using gimbals or tripods and battery packs, then you can use the full capabilities it has to offer. If not, got with a R5.

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