Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

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Re: Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

Tomm111 wrote:

First a comment EDIT! Go through the images choose the ones that are most meaningful.

How will these be used? Are they going to be distributed amoung your relatives as digital files? An 1800 or2400 ppi scan wouldthen be enough. No need to have 80mb files. You aren't making 20x24 prints.

These are old images, color negatives before 2000 were notoriously unstable, slides were better. Kodak recommended that pros store their negatives in a freezer in the early 1990s, films before that were even worse.

Why do you refuse to subscibe to Lightroom? It is either $9.95 or $19.95 per month in the US. To me it is an important tool. Disclosure I tend to use Photoshop more, because of my usage I use the whole suite. The $720 per year I consider an investment Adobe was grabbing that or more with upgrades every year or so before the subscription.

Epson Scan does a good job, a 16 bit TIFF is every bit as editable as a DNG. In fact in PS there is a Camera Raw filter that has all the functions of the RAW editor. Use the Professional part of Epson scan. I hardly have to do any editing on images scanned on my V700.

I also have a slide duplicator I use for photographing my negatives, works great on B&W not so much on color negs, so I use the scanner. I went as far as to making individual film settings in Camera Raw, they help but Idon't find the conversion of negatives, especially old ones an exact science.

I’m a lifetime license guy, not a sub guy. Always have been, always will be. I know myself, I’m not good at unsubscribing. Heck, I used to let mail in rebates expire left and right. The subscriber model for anyone but a pro who needs all the small iterative improvements or new lens profiles or whatever… it’s just a way of keeping people on the hook and squeezing them. I also would never do the iPhone upgrade plan. I’m happy to get three years out at a time.

Anyways, to everyone their own, we all have our own quirks.

The goal is the highest quality possible original digitization, something where if the negative is ever lost or damaged, I feel like I’ve captured at least 80% of what’s there, and then a reasonably sized digital print. Currently, I’m getting that through Darktable, it’s producing impressive JPEGs that are ~2mb to each original’s 80mb. Perfectly fine with that flow. Im not giving fam the negatives. But I DO want to leave the door open for myself to revisit the OG and either readjust or save for a larger size/res print.

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