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_vlad wrote:

jackwelch wrote:

Would the P50 Pro be better for B&W seeing that it has a monochrome sensor?

IMO it is pretty hypothetical question. I had P20Pro with mono sensor and honestly when I did put it side by side with normal sensor output converted to B/W in post (or in-camera if you wish) it was hard job to decide which is which. Mono sensor should be theoretically better option for these type of shots, however it is mostly irrelevant for practical use - even for pixel peeper. Fact is that MONO sensor with P20P was (if I recall well) non bayer (correct me if I am wrong) but it was more noisy and thus NR will inevitably fight with its theoretical resolution advantage.

When changing to P30P I was not excited that it was gone, however honestly I never missed it later on - seeing what you can do in POST. For direct OOC output though, it might be reasonable option.

A few month ago I was taking a look at monochrome cameras cause Leica had a new model and was wondering what's the cheapest monochrome camera you could buy, and gosh, most of them were pricey in the thousands.

Then I saw p50 pro had a monochrome sensor and I was like "this smartphone is a bargain."

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