Printing Newbie - Getting Started - Blue Cast on Photos?

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Printing Newbie - Getting Started - Blue Cast on Photos?

Hello Friends!

Total printing newbie here.

Just to preface this post by saying that I have close to 0 experience tweaking things for print. I am usually just a load-paper-and-print guy, text based printing only as well!

However, for the fun of it, I've recently tried to print one of my photos on photo paper.

Noticed immediately that the colors are not very accurate. The colors are a washed out, brown tones come out with too much magenta, but the worst is that beige/whitish tones come out with a bluish overcast. I'd like to see what I can tweak to help. My printer is an Epson L6170 , which is admittedly not really a printer geared towards color accuracy. My monitor is not calibrated as well, but the photo on my monitor and what appears on the camera's LCD look way closer than what I get with the printing.

Tried using some off the shelf glossy photo paper. Software used was Canon's Digital Photo Professional. I printed using the default options and used "High Quality" for the printer, but that's about it.

I do understand that the photo is probably in RGB and my printer's ink is in CMYK, but not sure what else I can do. Any leads where I can start reading and tweaking? As of right now, buying a new printer is out of the question... I'll post my JPG and a photo of the printout below:

Actual JPG

Picture of the Photo

Many thanks and happy shooting / printing!

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