GRIII: Turn off exposure adjustments in live view?

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Re: GRIII: Turn off exposure adjustments in live view?

maltmoose wrote:

jjcha wrote:

Apologies, but I couldn't find it in the manual.

I often shoot with flash at night, with the lens stopped down to F8 or F11, the shutter speed at 1/125th or faster, with ISO locked at 1600.

So the LCD is basically black since the camera thinks I'm insane and it's not adjusting for the fact I have a fully manual flash ready to go.

Is there some way to have the screen show the scene without the adjustments for the shutter speed, aperture, ISO? I.e., like as if I had the camera wide open at F2.8 for example?

Thank you.


There is a work around which i think should work but i dont have a flash for my GRIII to test.

go into manual mode which i presume you are already in.

Turn off auto EV compensation in the menu.

I know you want fixed 1600 iso but you should set it to auto iso.

Then go into the auto iso settings and change it to say 1250 min iso to 1600 max iso or whatever works for you. (it wiill always choose the highest due to the settings you choose)

You can even set minimum 1/125 shutter if you need.

You will then be able to see the LCD but with the iso warning as it cant obtain proper exposure, but when you use flash you should get the desired exposure.

Please report back and let me know if this works.

Sorry for reply on the old thread, I just got the GRIII 2 weeks ago, today I try to use an external flash but with all manual settings the screen come out so dark and I found this thread, I tried to turn off the auto EV compensation in the menu but the screen still looks dark. I still don't understand what this features for. Kindly someone who has experience help me here. Thank you.

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