Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

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Re: An example of 60p 4k real estate drone video? Or am I being stupid?

No offense taken - it's easy to see why one could think it was nothing but bragging rights and vanity to deliver in 4k and be concerned with 60p.

Mark has once again hit the nail on the head over and over. 60p slowed to 30p is such an easy way of instantly smoothing out footage, even to the point of not needing to stabilize. Just as importantly, very SLOW movement (easily achieved by 60 to 30) has a very real dignity and grace about it. Plus, I can actually film more quickly both with the gimbal and the drone, knowing I can easily extend the footage in post.

As far as 4k, the advantages of shooting in 4k are clear, but the main reason I DELIVER in 4k is because YouTube's compression is very harsh on my 1080p drafts, but the 4k final products always look far, far cleaner and less mushy, even when only watched at 1080 - absolutely worth it for me.

I began all of this doing only drone work, both photos and video, which is far more useful than you might think. Here in Nashville, anything that's remotely close to the skyline is made instantly more attractive by a photo or video clip showing both the house and the skyline.

Further, when I was looking at land myself to build on, I can't tell you how many lots were represented solely by a poor-quality photo of a woodline - which tells you absolutely nothing.

And - you may think "drone" and think "high-altitude" - while a high shot or two can be very effective, all of my exterior footage is shot with the drone and most often from head height. It's the beautiful smoothness of the drone coupled with its ability to be positioned wherever I like that makes it the perfect tool.

My clients certainly see the value in videos such as these, or believe me, they wouldn't keep hiring me for them

In the spirit of good fun, here are two examples of mine from the past week.

Here's the one and only job I've shot on my new equipment so far:


And, in my defense, I'd just like everyone to remember that all of this arrived late Tuesday evening, and the batteries on the camera and gimbal weren't charged until about 9pm, and I was on-site to record this at 6:30 the next morning, never having used a real camera before except my little DJI Pocket 2.

Here's a drone-only video showing how useful it is for land sales:


Hope this helps shed a little light - I promise we're not just being divas about 4k/60! In this line of work they truly do make a difference.

Ordered a second handle for the gimbal today - really looking forward to trying it out!  In an ideal world, it could make my gimbaling smooth enough that maybe I could shoot 4k/30 and use the whole sensor - won't know until I test it!

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