Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

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Re: Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

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You need to save it from VueScan in a format your inversion software can handle. So ColorPerfect for example likes linear raw files. I have found the colour inversion in VueScan a bit hit and miss - I use SilverFast which has profiles for lots of different negative stocks. It’s possible that your V850 came with a free copy of SilverFast 8 which you could try. SilverFast has a thing called archive suite which can save raw scans, including a separate infrared channel, and then allows you to reprocess them in post.

Thank you. I went straight to Vuescan because they’d added native M1 support and generally people seemed to think it was a bit more straightforward to use. I *am* going for the Raw file option at least, not DNG due to the aforementioned weird output issue but Raw TIFF, as Vuescan seems to call it.

I didn’t realize Silverfast could import a TIFF or PNG and invert for me? Or do you mean inverting as part of scanning within SF? I can certainly install it on my PC before I retire it but the free version included won’t work on my new Mac I read, so I’d have to pay for that (which I don’t mind, if it gets me a workflow with the least tinkering and the best result). The number of programs that can process an uninverted negative seem pretty limited from what I could tell. I really don’t understand why Capture One has that functionality in a separate program!

Silverfast AI can export a raw file, either 48 bit or 64 bit (including the IR channel) and you can load those those into ColorPerfect etc. that’s the version I have. SilverFast Archive Suite (I think it’s called) can load those raw files and allow you to rework on them, invert, change the sharpening, white balance etc (you probably need to go to SFs website for all the features). I don’t think either version can read a TIFF and invert, the Archive Suite is I think to allow you to do lots of scans automatically and then go and fix them up afterwards (crops, WB etc). Both versions can also do the inversion as part of scanning, which is what I do.

Here’s another photo from Vuescan -> Darktable’s Negadoctor. I have to say, I’m not adjusting ANYTHING with these. I drop the dark amber uninverted raw TIFF in, I tick the “negadoctor” box, and I get something like this:

The developed version of the small negative thumbnails I included in OP. My brother at 3, I hope he doesn’t mind being used here for soliciting advice 😅

To my eyes it’s pretty decent? I just wanted second opinions from sharper more experienced eyes.

Yes the inversion looks good - are you just telling it it’s a colour negative, not pointing out what the film base colour is or anything ?

I call that bit out in my post but admittedly it’s long. I stumbled across this person’s post and he just really seemed to be speaking reason to me. I don’t tell Vuescan it’s a negative at all, I tell it it’s a slide. So the scanner is in effect capturing what is exactly there in the film:


So many kind folks here have already chimed in with advice but the one thing I guess I didn’t speak to well enough is how absolutely lost I feel making minute adjustments myself to things like levels and color balancing and stuff. I understand the concepts and I can look at a photo and know what’s wrong but a lot of the options and how they’re presented in programs overwhelm me, and I don’t like “auto” options because I feel like I need to know what I’m doing.

Which all brought me round to this thought of leaving it so that I can invert and make adjustments separately/later, if need be. It all worked a lot better than I’d expected, that guys method and settings in Vuescan. Just wanted some sort of crowdsourced validation 😅

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