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Re: Green Heron & Green Wing Teal

Bob A L wrote:

Glad to see some photos out of this Kodak. Just don't see much of it around anywhere. How's it working for you? Do you have other similar cameras to compare to? Looks to me to be in the same ballpark of the likes of Nikon D900-950, but a bunch less money. I can't find much about it's specs and wondered a bit about the viewfinder, as the one spec I found didn't really spec out what vf resolution is, but seemed to be low. I would have no fear of the Kodak name, and wonder if this is a sleeper that doesn't get any press for some reason or the other. Any insite on how it compares to the Nikons? I have a P900, but would love to have a better viewfinder like on the P950, but 950 is too high for my blood in comparison to my 900. Some good stuff on your website link.

The Nikon P950 is a more feature rich camera with a high rez EVF, somewhat sharper lens, more reach, and faster processing (shot to shot) time. It's at the top of the heap of big zoom p&s cameras IMO. The Kodak Pixpro AZ901 will give one the bold/rich "Kodak colors" and it does have a great IS system. The EV is nice and bright, but not as bright as the Panny FZ300 or P950. It's a solid bang for the buck camera. I hear rumor of newer models coming this Fall with 4k (although the FZ1000 has 4k but not released in N. America) and likely other improved features.

This shot was handheld at 90x zoom and turned out well. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmccarthy/26266937518/in/dateposted-public/

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