Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

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Re: Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

Overrank wrote:

You need to save it from VueScan in a format your inversion software can handle. So ColorPerfect for example likes linear raw files. I have found the colour inversion in VueScan a bit hit and miss - I use SilverFast which has profiles for lots of different negative stocks. It’s possible that your V850 came with a free copy of SilverFast 8 which you could try. SilverFast has a thing called archive suite which can save raw scans, including a separate infrared channel, and then allows you to reprocess them in post.

Thank you. I went straight to Vuescan because they’d added native M1 support and generally people seemed to think it was a bit more straightforward to use. I *am* going for the Raw file option at least, not DNG due to the aforementioned weird output issue but Raw TIFF, as Vuescan seems to call it.

I didn’t realize Silverfast could import a TIFF or PNG and invert for me? Or do you mean inverting as part of scanning within SF? I can certainly install it on my PC before I retire it but the free version included won’t work on my new Mac I read, so I’d have to pay for that (which I don’t mind, if it gets me a workflow with the least tinkering and the best result). The number of programs that can process an uninverted negative seem pretty limited from what I could tell. I really don’t understand why Capture One has that functionality in a separate program!

Here’s another photo from Vuescan -> Darktable’s Negadoctor. I have to say, I’m not adjusting ANYTHING with these. I drop the dark amber uninverted raw TIFF in, I tick the “negadoctor” box, and I get something like this:

The developed version of the small negative thumbnails I included in OP. My brother at 3, I hope he doesn’t mind being used here for soliciting advice 😅

To my eyes it’s pretty decent? I just wanted second opinions from sharper more experienced eyes.

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