Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

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Re: Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

Mike Engles wrote:

If your family pictures are anything like mine, then the information on them WILL NOT be worth such precision. Focus, exposure and framing will be very variable.

I scanned using a V800 as 16 bit 3200 DPI (RAW) TIFFs, already inverted, but with very light adjustments.I did all the final processing in Lighroom 6. I have done about 12 years worth

What you will need is a file system and naming convention.


Thanks. But you know, I don’t mind 80mb files, it’s actually smaller than I was expecting. I’ll have maybe 300 of them by the end of it. It’s not too bad. And some of the photos are pretty crap anyways, I won’t save a blurry thumb.

The file naming / structure part I’m least worried about because I spent a month organizing everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. Every roll got moved to a new archival folder, labels, dividers with dates, long text convos with the folks asking them if I’m 3 or 4 years old in a pic. I didn’t actually realize how many negatives I’d have at the beginning, the exercise was just to organize and scan prints. But I put the work in and 95% of stuff already has a title. My folder structure for photos has been, for years YYYY_MM Title, and then the file names mirror that with a “_XX” numerical suffix at the end.

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