Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

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Re: Taking on massive 35mm negative family photo scanning project - Advice needed!

Gesture wrote:

Great job.

Impressive discipline and methodology. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure your parents will be thrilled.

Agree about also giving Epson Scan a go and see which works better for you. A scan is like anything we do with film or digital camera. We want to get the desired shadow detail and not block up the highlights. I would strike a balance between some pre-scan editing and saving for image editor, based on batch scanning so many 35mm negatives.

That example, looks pretty good. You can fiddle with levels and auto-exposure in Epson Scan. VueScan is great except that Color tab takes some study and experience. The curves are so much easier to adjust in Epson Scan and there is also a Levels adjustment.

VueScan bails me out when Epson stops issuing drivers, a la my Epson 2450; or an All-In-One doesn't come with decent scanning software. Unfortunately, Canon is letting Apple call the shots. Newest consumer printers have no Canon drivers or scanning software provided for Mac OSX; everything defaults to Airprint.

Overall, props to Epson on that score, providing full drivers and scan software for even lower end printers. Scan2 is good, but not as full-featured as original Epson Scan. Less modes and ome adjustments are turned off on the lower end printers.

I had been under the impression that Epson Scan doesn’t allow for what some refer to as a “raw linear” scan, which I understand to be basically as close to straight off the sensor as possible (but not a true raw like a DSLR raw). I’m still sort of hung up on the idea that, if I can make one definitive “as much detail in one file as possible” digital original, I can file away the negatives after that and do all my editing and adjustments in post, which would be preferable to having to rescan. Is there any overriding philosophy about that approach vs letting the program do the inversion and attempt some color balance?

On the topic of the color tab, I was under the impression too that if I set everything to totally generic, no profiles, Vuescan won’t actually make any subjective adjustments, but rather the output is again, closer to straight off the sensor?

I’m open to trying anything really, happy to install Epson scan on my aging tower before I retire it just to fiddle, but I think the question I still want to settle first is if there’s an objective consensus stance on whether it’s better to find a program with profiles and settings that gives a good final image, or to create a digital negative I have to invert and process later but which might allow for more creativity and variability in levels? 
Trying to wrap my head around it all, I guess I just wish there was a definitive program/way!

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