M Gear's Worth?

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M Gear's Worth?

I've been an M system owner for a little over 3 years, having "jumped to mirrorless" from an old Rebel to a used M5. It's been a HUGE upgrade in every way (ok, stupid, random M5 shutter lag aside!) - especially on the lens side. Having so many stellar lenses available in the $300-400 range is just incredible - 11-22mm, 32mm, Sigma 16mm and 56mm...

And one key learning I've had as an M user is that Canon really isn't all that committed to the system. That seems to be coming full circle with the 100th round of "the M system is probably dead" going around this week based on what may be released on May 24th. It seems to me that there's basically 2 options for M users whenever once the system is discontinued (whether that's effectively in 2 weeks or in 5+ years) -

  1. Use your M gear until it falls apart. Hey, it's still great gear that will work for many more years. Maybe even buy a few more things at bargain prices while it's still available.
  2. Sell off your M gear before the value tanks. That way you can get the most $$$ possible out of it to support moving to another system that's still active.

I completely understand #1, since I feel like my photographic skills have to catch up to my gear and I could happily use this stuff for another 10 years. (ok, I'd have to get an M6ii for the long haul ) On the other hand, I've always had a pretty limited budget for photography (probably should have taken up knitting or something instead), and so I really don't want to see my gear's value evaporate over those next 10 years.

That brings me to the question I started this thread for - What happens to the value of M system gear in the 5-10 years after it's effectively discontinued? I ask this because I think it will be a huge driver of whether I stay with M after it's put out to pasture, even though I could pull a #1 and it would meet my needs for several years. Does it lose say 30% of it's value in the first few years and then level out? OK, I might stick with it. Does it just keep losing value until it's worth peanuts and isn't really sellable after a 5-7 years?  OK, I'm out.

OK, time for some ground rules -

  1. This thread is NOT about whether the M is effectively being discontinued, or if it should be or should not be.
  2. This thread is NOT about the merits any particular system - M, R, Fuji, Sony, etc...

Ready, set, go!

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