My Canon 70-300L is soft and has bad details, why?

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No nonsense

BAK wrote:

The name of the plane is easily readable beneath the pilot's window.

It ain't having the sharpness the 70-300L can deliver. The pictures is not really bad, though so to notice below the OP standards (and mine also). The text on the planes nose is readable, but lack real sharpness and the circles on the tails are a bit fuzzy. I recognise this behaviour from using mode 1 while panning.  Me and my Bro shoot a lot of civil planes and had the same thing with the 70-300L. Things improved a lot when we stopped using mode 1 for panning and use mode 2 or no IS at all instead.  Seems as if the IS unit drifts too far off. Maybe the 70-300L servo motors are on the weak side or something like that. The 100-400II instead can handle IS mode 1 for panning a lot better.

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