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David Lal wrote:

Blufftonian wrote:

First off, I know a lot of bird photographers and none of them shoot 200-shot bursts. Most of the time I’ll shoot single shots with an occasional 3-5 shot burst.

Ergo, if the norm is nothing like 200 shot bursts for birds (or dogs?) then there is no need to select and pay over the top for hardware that supports that objective.

As to film and wet chemistry days, I abandoned 35mm (then called miniature) very early on preferring medium format 120 on a 6x6 camera: a mere 12 frames with which to deal.

I still use my 6x6 Kowa for birding occasionally:

A few random thoughts:

Maybe it's better to have and not need, than need and not have?

As you know, these advanced cameras have many more features than just larger buffers and faster frame rates.

I also think it's a function of marketing.  When "C" develops a camera with these features, "N" and "S" all have to go one better.  Do you remember back when MS Excel and Lotus123 were adding many new features with every release to try to stay dominant in the spreadsheet market?  For a few years I made a lot of money developing Excel macro and VBA systems for a financial company in New York, and currently I produce complex spreadsheets for our local Audubon Society, yet I'm probably only familiar with less than half of what Excel can do!

I still have my old workhorse 500C/M that I bought in the '70s.  It's a wonderful piece of totally manual engineering and a terrific landscape and portrait camera.  I don't use it for photographing birds though.

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