Nikon D500 memory card help needed

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Re: The problem with the machine gun paradigm

David Lal wrote:

davethebirder wrote:

If that's your need I would use an XQD card (as I do), that will give you access to a 200 shot buffer at one press of the button

So how much time does it take to transfer 200 images from card/camera to PC and then to assess each one? Let alone process. Say 10 seconds just to view each one. That's over half an hour just for a very casual viewing, no processing.

You guys can do what you like, à chacun son goût, but absolutely not for me.

First off, I know a lot of bird photographers and none of them shoot 200-shot bursts. Most of the time I’ll shoot single shots with an occasional 3-5 shot burst.

But on a good day I can easily come home with 200 or more RAW images on a card, so to answer your questions; 2-3 minutes to import the images from the card into LightRoom on my PC. From there I can easily pick out 20 or images that interest me, deleting the others, in 5-10 minutes. Batch processing in DeNoise and/or Sharpen, if I need to, takes another 10 minutes max.

Thankfully we’re not still stuck back in the dark ages of film when it took me much longer to develop a roll of 36 images, never mind printing them.

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