Nikon D500 memory card help needed

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Re: Machine gunner or sniper?

DebbieKW wrote:

For David and rscott.

I will be using the continuous mode a lot to try to get the right shots of the dogs and horses in action. Then need it to refresh fast enough for the next dog coming. That is the only reason I am worried about write speed. I was hoping I got a fast enough card and camera to do several bursts in short succession.

If that's your need I would use an XQD card (as I do), that will give you access to a 200 shot buffer at one press of the button .......

......... in fact in reality the camera body only has a 12 image buffer (r12) ........ but has the magic ability to shoot 200 shots (14 bit lossless compressed) thanks to the camera's fast throughput and the XQD cards write speed ...... (the top screen shows around "r6" and stays there while shooting a burst)

...... and that is limited to 200 "only" by the camera's FW ...... without that limit the cameras would shoot until the battery runs down ......... (implemented to prevent an accidental shutter button press in a camera bag)

......... let go even for an instant and you can shoot another round of 200 images !....

However, even an SD card will give you a decent buffer depending on the card speed ...... but, with an XQD card you get the full specs of the D500 which even the Z9 cannot match (lossless uncompressed 14 bit) ....... few cameras can !!

I presume things are similar with a CF express card but I have no experience with them ....

...... I run with a XQD 64 Gbs and a XQD 120 Gbs cards in two D500s!

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