Beginner questions: 360 degrees product photography

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Re: ummm

John g and D Saul - thank you for the help.

I will do some more research and some more thinking before deciding which route to take.

john g wrote:

Well, I hate to tell you... I can't imagine that it could be done on white with one light.

There would be a lot of post process, basically silhouetting out each shot.

I'm doing video on white and I fight to keep my lights to a minimum.

I need at least three lights and sometimes as many as six.

Sometimes I need a spot light to kill one shadow or another.

You really need to set up a sample set for yourself to see if you can pull it off.

Your experience may be different.

Good luck!

BasseH wrote:

Camera position: I am thinking of positioning the camera at a height above the products. Camera angle: Small downward angle.

I am hoping that the toplight will generate enough and even light to seamlessly blend the top of the white turntable with the white background so no post-production is needed (or as little as possible) - but that's maybe not the case?

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