Is this, for the 100000th time, the best camera ever made?

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Re: Is this, for the 100000th time, the best camera ever made?

BITPhotoSpace wrote:

Let’s go over specs:

50 nanocell gigatron quad compressed zirconia class multi illuminated sensor

up to 70 stops DR

up to 100 stop stabs - eg can get a sharp image @1200 mm at 3 hour exposure handheld

titanium leaf no contact floating shutter (rated at 10*7 counts)

25*10 pix human retina class bionic evf

ear lobe and other body parts AI AF detection

insect AI AF detection (incl tics)

IR-UV AF overlay microsuperimposed array (100% guaranteed AF subject locking even in total darkness)

mulit chip xenon cooled quadrocore bionics onboard processor

1024 FPS 512k vid codec

now before you pull the trigger and relegate your previously best camera ever made to the bottom drawer, sell at a loss or suddenly realise you need a backup body for AF practice in your back garden pls pause for a minute and consider - is it GAS talking? Well get one anyway it’s really that good

The specs look interesting but I would only buy a camera with 7-axis/101 stops of IBIS that can take out the effects of Galactic rotation. Once you have tried this level of IBIS you realize the serious photographic limitations of having only 100 stops.

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