Nikon D500 memory card help needed

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Re: Nikon D500 memory card help needed

rscott900ss wrote:

DebbieKW wrote:

Hi, yes - not finding a whole lot of difference cost wise.

Guess it makes the most sense to buy the V90 UHS II and just go with the CFexpress Type B as a secondary (even though it is way faster than what I need) as they are actually less expensive and faster than the QXD cards I can find of the same size

What do you mean when you say I need a reader? Can’t I just plug the camera into the computer to export the photos?

I guess most folks use a card reader but I just use the supplied cord (and purchased a spare for my laptop bag).

The D500 downloads photos at a very fast rate... probably three or more times faster than my D750 does. I am a casual shooter and generally don't have many photos to download. Often, it's just a handful.

I don't know which I'm more paranoid about: constantly removing/inserting cards in the camera's card slots, or constantly plugging/unplugging cords from the camera's USB socket.

Before I bought my D500 I always downloaded from my D7200 via a cable to my Win 10 PC.    It worked fine but it was a little slow and I frequently found it using a lot of camera battery power.  With my D500 I take a lot more shots - maybe 150-250 per outing - and I find it much faster downloading using a card reader.  I use my PC for post processing as it’s more powerful with a faster GPU, double large monitors, more memory, etc., than my laptop.

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