What went wrong?

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Re: What went wrong?

It looks very much to me like a problem with the focal plane shutter.  It may be malfunctioning.  You should be able to determine if this is the case by viewing the action of the shutter at a long duration speed, such as one second.  If working properly, the first curtain should open completely for the exposure.  At the end of the exposure, the second curtain will close.

Keep in mind that for very short duration shutter speeds, such as 1/250 second, the travel of the first curtain is followed closely by the second curtain.  That is, the entire frame is not open to light at the same time.  This is why cameras will have a maximum shutter speed for flash photography.  This is most likely 1/60s in the case of your camera.

Keep this in mind if you are using electronic flash to illuminate a scene.  Proper exposure of the frame is only possible with a focal plane shutter camera (including digital cameras) at the flash "sync" speed or for longer durations than this speed.

So it may be that your camera is okay, but you have not got the settings right.

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