Incredible Sale on the Sigma 28mm f/1.4 Art

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Re: Incredible Sale on the Sigma 28mm f/1.4 Art

t_wade wrote:


I've seen zero anecdotal evidence that Canon's adapter causes any issues whatsoever, and I use it for virtually 90% of what I do. I've been incredibly impressed by how tight the interface is, and have had no problems working in exceedingly dusty environments for a week at a time.

Terrestrially speaking, you would never see the changes an adapter would have on the image quality; however, astronomically speaking, it can be night and day, especially if you are striving for the best looking stars. Below, you'll find lower right corners of images taken on different nights showing how the aberrations increased when using an adapter and not using an adapter. It is quite obvious the impact of an adapter on the stars using my adapter. Your results will likely vary, but adding any adapter to an imaging train is going to have an impact on image quality.

Is it a PITA? A bit, but it allows me to use all the fine (astro) glass I've accumulated over the past few years, and I have no inclination of replacing any of it with RF variants.

If you are lucky enough to have purchased an adapter that does not negatively affect your EF lenses on a RF mount, then consider yourself very lucky. My adapter tends to make my stars worse, especially in the corners which is expected.

Other than the RF 50/1.2, Canon has demonstrated no interest in catering to the needs of the astro market.

They actually could have done much better with the RF 50/1.2 by adding a BR lens, but they chose not too since they were likely approaching their limit on what to charge and what people will pay for a 50mm lens. A BR lens would have added another $100-200 to an already expensive lens. There are always give and takes. We will have to wait on what compromises they have chosen for the RF 24mm f/1.2L and RF 35mm f/1.2L lenses. I'm hoping these lenses will have the BR lens. If they do not, they will likely be disappointments to the astrophotography community.

And, after all that, what kind of adapter are you using?

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