Lighter replacement for Canon 70D

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Re: Canon R10

Joe Cey wrote:

What is the Canon R10?

Heck if I know. All I know is Canon is announcing it at the end of the month along with the R7. It should be smaller and lighter than your DSLR. It 100% will be able to use your current lenses very likely focusing faster and more accurately.

Will it have IBIS? How fast can it shoot? No clue yet. Price? Don't know yet? Availability? HA! But is could be the best option for you when it gets announced. Or not.

A couple sits are saying the R10 is the replacement for the 90D.  Maybe I was right for once. There are already some fun RF lenses like the $650 100-400 and the compact 70-200/F4.  As well as a 'cheap' 50/1.8 and not too expensive 30/1.8 and 85/2 macros.

I'd stick with the lenses you have and see how they work first.  Maybe no need to buy new lenses.

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