Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L V2

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Re: Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L V2

D Lynch wrote:

Huaij wrote:

Thank you! Super helpful

Looks like i need to go in person to see how well it might fold flat

Every time I buy a Sling/BAg/Pack without fitting the equipment I have inside, it's a mistake.

Then...I usually buy something else, and if I didn't allow extra room that Sling or Bag is obsolete. Or packs too.

I've bought 2 Peak Design slings recently.

5L--generation 1


On my fist purchase after a lot of use, the strap came off the 5L sling. I caught it before it hit the ground. Someone reported here that their expert level Canon SLR was smashed when that happened. Turns out, Peak Design already had a fix. In fact, they had it when I bought the sling from Henry's. They shipped it to me. Free. I was a little bit ticked that Henry's sold a defective product without the gear needed to make it safe.

Based upon Peak Design's prompt response, I bought a little-bit-larger sling. Because I needed it. Peak Design 6L sling. But the first thing I think of when I read "Peak Design" is STRAP!

Recommendation? Consider looking at Think Tank's slings. I wore out their TurnStyle sling in the largest size. Then I bought their MindShift PhotoCross 13L sling. It carries my gear well, and allows me to carry a water bottle along on the outside of the sling. It's not a pretty sling. It's not a "cult bag" It's a working sling bag.

I like the PD 5L sling. I won't use it or sell it.

I don't like the 6L sling as much; but it does have the size to carry my a6000 with a large lens, and one or two RX100's.

The Mindshift Photocross does look like it might fit the bill.

Any idea if it might fold flat to easily slot into the front pocket of a softshell mid / large suitcase?

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