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Re: external viewfinder RICOH GRIII GRIIIx

sprocket-docket wrote:

I mean, the Ricoh GV-3 is actually a better price than other 40mm viewfinders you're likely to find anywhere, for what are actually very good optics in such a small package. And no, an add-on EVF isn't possible unless the hot shoe were majorly redesigned, or an additional port were integrated somewhere below it.

Hopefully in a future iteration...

If you feel bad paying for one accessory finder, try shooting with a rangefinder like my Voigtlander Bessa T that doesn't have a built in viewfinder. Every different focal length lens needs its own finder.It's heartbreaking looking at how expensive they are.

Maybe Iam wrong and it's a lot of engineering, costly material and worth the price. It surely doesnt feel like it but what do I know. At least the new one has the correct ratio

One of the Chinese optics companies needs to start manufacturing all sorts of brightline finders, it would be a niche market but a good one.

Yeah, I have been thinking the same.

I found that :


but the 40mm is out of stock....

I already know I ll end up buying the damn ricoh one , I love these little cameras and I need the viewfinder.

I  just needed to vent about the price  before I do. 

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