Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

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Re: Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

Mark, I can't adequately thank you not only for this detailed and hugely helpful reply, but also for the video examples - this is exactly the type of info I'm needing!!  Just fantastic.

You're exactly right - the video shot at 1080 just doesn't look as good, even when viewing them ALL at 1080. Albeit I'm watching on a 26" monitor, which few people will watch real estate videos on, but I could certainly see the difference.

So now I've got a hefty decision to make. I've got the S5, a Sigma 14-24, a Lumix 50mm, and a DJI Ronin SC2 arriving tomorrow.  I guess I need to decide whether to either:

1. Use the Sigma 14-24 and shoot in 1080/60


2. Send the Sigma back and get the Canon 10-18 APS-C lens, and shoot in cropped 4k/60 that's "uncropped", at least in FOV, by the lens.

I could pick up the Canon since it's so inexpensive (and an adapter) and just try them both - I've got something like 2 weeks to return the Sigma if I want to.  Part of me thinks there's got to be some advantage to a $1300 lens and using the full sensor - but the footage you took on the crop lens looks pretty darn good too.  Maybe it will come down to low-light performance?

Well, I know a lot more now than I did yesterday......but maybe now I'm even more on the fence that I was then?!?

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