New camera. Go full frame?

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Re: Where is your starting point

rsn wrote:

Pick two of your wish list goals, sunsets, sunrises, astrophotography, nature, landscape and architecture. Then figure out what lenses you will want/need for these two goals, include filters (landscape) and what have you.

Good idea. I have been narrowing things down a bit, but a more targeted approach would be good.

Then ask yourself - realistically - how large is going to be your largest image on the screen or printed. If the answer isn't very large, then APS-C will fit the bill nicely.

I want to do some printing. I started down that road years ago, but life got in the way and haven’t done anything since then. My biggest print was a 16x20, and would maybe go a tad bigger, but that would probably be as far as I would go. Most prints would be smaller.

Then consider the camera, and for bigger bang for your buck consider used, either KEH, mpb, Facebook market place (this in my semi-rural location is better than I thought it would be), or Kijiji or the like. When I purchase locally used, I meet up at McDonalds during a busy hour since you are expected to show up with cash.

I’m ok with buying used. The z6 I was looking at is used. 🙂

I have both full frame and cropped sensor cameras and gear. The more I use my Fuji gear the less I feel I need my full frame camera gear.

I like Fuji. My first digital camera was a bridge camera from Fuji. I’ve been looking at the x-s10, and xt-30(?). One of these would probably be my first choice if I ditch all my Nikon gear and stick with aps-c. I’ve heard they produce some nice color. Definitely on my list. I haven't looked at lens options for them though.

If you are older, you will over time be happy you chose lighter gear.

If you are interested, seriously, in landscape photography - learn to like your tripod.

Lol. I’m 62, so yep old. I have a nice tripod, but it is pretty dusty. My real reason for not using it like I should is I feel conspicuous carrying it around. I know that's a terrible reason.

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