Is 14mm wide enough?

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Re: Is 14mm wide enough?

As usual, it depends on what you want to do and what amount of practice you're willing to invest.

I'm kind of an UWA aficionado, having begun on APS-C with a 10-20mm lens and then an 8-16mm lens. 
Though it's only two millimetres difference, the impact on viewing angle is quite evident, as are the effects of even slight imperfections in lens alignment. A tilted horizon or a tilted z axis has more impact the shorter the lens is.

As I switched to full frame, I used an older copy of the Sigma 12-24mm (viewing angle equivalent of the 8-16mm on APS-C), but soon began to see strange phenomena in image sharpness, which were caused to a non-flat focal plane of that lens, and were more noticable due to the higher resolution of my full-frame camera. That might be related to the older design of that lens; newer versions Sigma didn't make for the lens mount I used at that time.

I then got "one wider" with an 11mm prime lens, the widest possible on a DSLR. That lens, an Irix, was an eye-opener, much better IQ than aforementioned Sigma.

In fact, that was about the best lens at all I had for my DSLR.

Last year I took the dive and did the unthinkable, a system change. Which led me to the Z 14-30, which seems to be on par (or at least very close to it) the 11mm prime, in regards of image quality, on an even higher-resolving sensor (45 instead of 35 mpix).

I admit, I'm thinking about going even wider, eventually, being enabled to do so by the shorter flange distance of the Z mount, and get the 9mm prime from Laowa/Venus Optics.

This will be quite the challenge to use, as the difference to the 14-30 is 5mm, which is enormous.

I've also tried a fisheye, but with that, correct alignment seems to be more difficult as with a rectilinear lens, as it's very hard to see around the distortions in the viewfinder. I'm sure that this will improve with practice.

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