This is a first, "not selling" two popular Nikon lenses on Ebay.

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Re: This is a first, "not selling" two popular Nikon lenses on Ebay.

Agreed, I'd never do a $1 auction. Actually I stopped selling auctions all together (then stopped eBay all together). Had too many fake buyers "win" the auction the ghost. Sure you can cancel and relist but you're sitting on your gear for about a week to clear up the bad sale, then a week to relist and to anyone looking to buy, it looks suspicious that it's relisted.

Buy It Now open to offers or just a reasonable price if you're using eBay...

Mackiesback wrote:

AndyGordon wrote:

I’ve not looked for your eBay listing, but for what it’s worth I’ve always sold my kit via eBay, do as you do by checking sold listings to establish an average price and then list, no reserve, starting at £1 and let it run. Rarely have I not got the average of higher. Example, Nikon 24-200 got £720, Fuji X-Pro2 bought from Fuji as a refurb for £499, sold at £712.

No reserve, £1, do your research and hold your nerve 😂

Aw heck no. I sold a Df on eBay no reserve and it only pulled $875 when they were selling for $1200 everywhere else. After eBay fees, it was like giving the camera away, while inheriting the risk of not getting paid. Hard pass in the future.

re the OP, While new lens designs and HTF lenses pull close to MSRP even in used condition, that drops off with availability and saturation. In that price range, I need to save $300 before even considering used. Just not worth the risk for $100 savings, why would anyone do that?

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