Lighter replacement for Canon 70D

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Lots of choices

There are lots of choices.

First, do you shoot action or sports or little kids or dogs running around a lot? If yes than that narrows your search to those cameras that have excellent AF-C or continuous autofocus.

If not then the small pocketable cameras like the Canon G5x or Sony RX100 (various models) might work for you quite well.

Second, do you want or need interchangeable lenses? If you do then those all-in-one cameras I just mentioned are not going to satisfy you.

Third, how important is it to retain your existing lenses. If you absolutely want to keep them (perhaps because of budget) then a Canon mirrorless or one of the smaller Canon DSLRs would be better because of the adapters. That Canon M50, M6 or a DSLR like the SL3 or T7 might be worth looking at.

Last is to carefully consider your budget. That includes fair market value for any selling of existing gear.

IF you open to a new system brand then I suggest looking closely at an Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark III and the smaller Olympus or Panasonic micro four thirds lenses. The camera bodies are smaller and lighter and the lenses are much smaller and lighter.

The Olympus system has some of the lightest cameras and lenses and the best image stabilization out there. Most have excellent weather sealing too. The Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark III paired with the 12-45 and 40-150 or 12-100 would be my suggestion based off what you have said so far.

Good luck!

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