New camera. Go full frame?

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Re: New camera. Go full frame?

Jacques Cornell wrote:

bluekat wrote:

AstroVagabond wrote:

Full frame will give you hands on experiences you have not had yet as a photographer.

Full frame will let you push to the side all the "why you need it, why you don't need it" opinions and conversations.

Full frame will let you answer the questions you have from the perspective on how you use your cameras, not how others use their cameras.

Full frame will put you on a journey on how to leverage the benefit of full frame and see first hand if those benefits are ultimately of value to you the photographer.

Full frame will let you cross over the line from being led by the opinions of others about the value of full frame to the side where you become authoritative about the impact of full frame on your photography mission.

Good food for thought.

Here's some more.

Look at my gear list. I've been an event pro and a travel/landscape semi-pro for 20+ years. In all that time, I've never thought, "Gee, I really need a camera with more dynamic range." I shot Micro Four Thirds exclusively for seven years until two years ago, when I added a 35mm-format Sony kit alongside my MFT kit for one specific reason: I occasionally needed to shoot moving subjects at events in very dim light, without flash, requiring ISO up to 25,600 with f1.4 primes.

Had I not faced those rather extreme available-darkness requirements, I'd still be shooting MFT exclusively today. And, in fact, I keep my MFT kit for travel and walkabout use in good light.

That's good to hear this about Micro Four Thirds. I'll give them a look as well. I actually use a smaller set up most of the time. My A5000 is my go to camera for biking, and had considered just adding some lenses for it, but I miss having an EVF and don't like the menu system all that much. Mostly I'm wondering how much I would gain going FF, but I'm thinking that just a little newer technology would make a big difference regardless of sensor size. Thanks

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