New camera. Go full frame?

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Re: New camera. Go full frame?

bluekat wrote:

Bob Janes wrote:

bluekat wrote:

I’m looking to update my camera/gear. I have a d80 with a 18-135 and a 70-300 lens, and a Sony a5000.

I’m looking at the z50, z5, or a used z6. Other brands are a possibility, but I already have some Nikon gear. I’m leaning on going full frame for low light performance, better dynamic range, etc.

My question is will ff give me more versatility in post processing? I shoot raw and love to push things in editing. I’m not sure how much difference the jump to ff would make if any.

Any thoughts on this or camera suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

To get the same sort of reach with full frame as you have with APS-C is going to require some big and expensive glass.

Unfortunately, I don't think big - expensive glass is in my future. I enjoy my long lens, but much of my photography doesn't need that much reach. For my purposes a slow/average telephoto will have to do. The smaller aps-c cameras would be useful when I'm cycling/hiking as well--a consideration, but not a necessity to stay small.

For myself, I shoot full frame, but mainly because I like to use legacy wide-ish primes that are only properly wide with full frame. I don't think there is anything intrinsicly 'better' about full frame over APS-C - I think a newer sensor and some wizzy RAW conversion software could get you what you are looking for in editing.

I borrowed my brother-in-laws 8-10mm ( I think that was the size). That's my only experience with a wider lens. It was fun shooting with it and I'd like to get something like that in the future. I use Lightroom and photoshop. I haven't tried much else.

Maybe try some of the month-long free trials for DXO-PL or Capture 1 - At the very least it may leave you appreciating your current software and just might give your older kit a new life for minimal cost.

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