New camera. Go full frame?

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Re: New camera. Go full frame?

Jacques Cornell wrote:

AstroVagabond wrote:

Full frame will give you hands on experiences you have not had yet as a photographer.

Full frame will let you push to the side all the "why you need it, why you don't need it" opinions and conversations.

Full frame will let you answer the questions you have from the perspective on how you use your cameras, not how others use their cameras.

Full frame will put you on a journey on how to leverage the benefit of full frame and see first hand if those benefits are ultimately of value to you the photographer.

Full frame will let you cross over the line from being led by the opinions of others about the value of full frame to the side where you become authoritative about the impact of full frame on your photography mission.

Substitute "medium format" for "full frame" in all instances.

Works for me although I've never had the thought of medium format enter my head.

But if someone has where they question its value on their photography mission they should grab the bull by the horns and dive in so they can resolve the question through first hand, hands on experience, become authoritative and lead instead of being led by the opinions of others.

No argument from me.

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