New camera. Go full frame?

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Re: New camera. Go full frame?

Jacques Cornell wrote:

bluekat wrote:

I’m looking to update my camera/gear. I have a d80 with a 18-135 and a 70-300 lens, and a Sony a5000.

I’m looking at the z50, z5, or a used z6. Other brands are a possibility, but I already have some Nikon gear. I’m leaning on going full frame for low light performance, better dynamic range, etc.

My question is will ff give me more versatility in post processing? I shoot raw and love to push things in editing. I’m not sure how much difference the jump to ff would make if any.

Any thoughts on this or camera suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

A camera is a combination of body + lens. If you're looking for better IQ, you'd do well to evaluate possible changes to both elements. When shooting in low light, you'll get better detail and dynamic range, and less noise, by using brighter lenses. I wouldn't expect a dramatic improvement in DR simply by moving from APS to 35mm format.

In his case the dynamic range improvement will be dramatic, mainly because he have old sensor, see below. More than 3 stops is significant. Noise reduction is similar story. Nothing against bright lenses though

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