New camera. Go full frame?

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Re: New camera. Go full frame?

bluekat wrote:

My thoughts with the 70-300 was I could use it for now, but replace it later, perhaps something with a little more reach. That was the main advantage I see. I am fond of Nikon, but I am open to other systems as well. DLSR is an option too, but I lean towards mirrorless. A little less weight, and the EVF is a little better for my old eyes.

Agree completely on the advantages of ML. I wouldn't go back to DSLRs myself. All I was trying to do is illustrate that it is more than a body decision if you want to take full advantage of the change.

'Open to other systems' makes perfect sense to me. For my bird shooting, I've left Nikon because they do not (not yet?) have what I want. Yet, for the kind of shooting you describe, I would take the Nikon route unless you want to go MUCH smaller, where M43 becomes the most attractive option (at the price of a little less dynamic range, though still better than what you have today).

Canon and Sony also offer good choices, but their bodies are pricier and I don't see much you would have to gain, if anything. On top of that, the Nikon Z bodies are definitely at or near the top IQ-wise. Their weakness is AF with fast-moving subjects.

Personally, I would not switch to Pentax, as I see them as the next brand to go the way of the Dodo. They aren't even close to keeping pace with the other major brands. The brand first went to Hoya in 2007, then to Ricoh a few years later, and neither seems to have much of an idea about what to do with it. It largely appears as an afterthought to Pentax' more important medical imaging business. But we all have different perspectives.

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