Nikon D500 memory card help needed

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Suck it and see ...

DebbieKW wrote:

For David and rscott.

I will be using the continuous mode a lot to try to get the right shots of the dogs and horses in action. Then need it to refresh fast enough for the next dog coming. That is the only reason I am worried about write speed. I was hoping I got a fast enough card and camera to do several bursts in short succession.

There was a similar question/thread recently in DPR in which it was pointed out that the limiting factor in burst mode is not so much card read/write speed but rather camera buffer clearance. Sorry, I can't remember the URL - you'll have to search.

The cards I mentioned above are fairly cheap you could get one and just try it out. The D500 is a very capable camera (though I don't have one). Suck it and see, as it were.

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