Nikon D500 memory card help needed

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Re: Nikon D500 memory card help needed

DebbieKW wrote:

Hello, I am brand new to the world of Nikon D500 photography. Recently purchased as an upgrade from my D5300. I am pleased to discover the 2 memory card slots but am having some issues deciding which cards to spend my money on.

I am speaking here about CFexpress type B cards. I do not think I will ever need more than a 64 GB card for one venture but I am noticing that the 64 GB cards seem to only offer write speeds of up to 800 MB/s while the “bigger” cards can go to 1200 MB/s or faster.

Does anyone have any opinions whether a hobby photographer shooting mostly dog sports and horse sports would notice a difference in buffering speeds between those 2 cards?

For my second card slot - which I plan only to use as a secondary back-up for the photos I love. How fast does this card need to be? I won’t be using it simultaneously with the CFexpress.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help - I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the options as a hobby photographer!

Before the D500, I never had a camera capable of using SD cards. I only had CF (Compact Flash), which were then considered state of the art compared to SD. When I got my D500, I got a couple of XQD cards, never even looking at the XD slot. I figured that this was a performance camera, and I might as well only use performance cards, even if I rarely needed all that performance ...

Those two cards are still in service, since 2016.

You mention CFExpress. Keep in mind that you need to apply a firmware upgrade to the D500 before it can use CFExpress cards. I never did get CFExpress cards.

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