New camera. Go full frame?

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Re: New camera. Go full frame?

lokatz wrote:

bluekat wrote:

My question is will ff give me more versatility in post processing? I shoot raw and love to push things in editing. I’m not sure how much difference the jump to ff would make if any.

Quite honestly, any current model will give you more processing room than what you currently shoot with, as sensors saw a lot of development progress in recent years. The Z5/6, with one of the best sensors in the market when it comes to dynamic range, will give you A LOT more wiggling room there.

The question is what you shoot and what kind of ISOs you need? The Z bodies are very good for landscape shooting where you usually use base ISO, but so are many other models that do not necessarily have to be full frame. Where the qualities of a good FF sensor really come to shine IMO is when higher ISOs are needed, say when street shooting in dim light, taking pics during the blue hour, or doing some astro shooting.

I've always been reluctant to use higher iso. Showing my age, I think this comes from my old film days. I've been experimenting a bit more with this. My hikes are often in forest settings in the cloudy Pacific Northwest. I struggle to get sufficient shutter speeds often. (At least I think this is the reason for some of my blurry images.) I do a lot of sunset pics and if I'm not to lazy to get up in the morning, sunrises too. I've dabbled with astrophotography. I now live in a low-light rural setting and have done one attempt at shooting the Milky Way. This is something I hope to do more of.

Right now I just dabble in a bit of everything. But I think my love is nature/landscapes and architecture.

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