Nikon D500 memory card help needed

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Re: Nikon D500 memory card help needed

DebbieKW wrote:


I I am noticing that the 64 GB cards seem to only offer write speeds of up to 800 MB/s while the “bigger” cards can go to 1200 MB/s or faster.

Does anyone have any opinions whether a hobby photographer shooting mostly dog sports and horse sports would notice a difference in buffering speeds between those 2 cards?

I suggest that you check the camera specs for the max write speed it supports. Not much point in exceeding that unless you want "protection" for a future upgrade.

For my second card slot - which I plan only to use as a secondary back-up for the photos I love. How fast does this card need to be? I won’t be using it simultaneously with the CFexpress.

I've never used the 2nd slot with a different spec card. However, if the cards are being written through the same "port", the lower speed card generally governs whether it is being written to or not. Not knowing the tech spec I can't be more specific.


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