Canon R5 or R5C?

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cortex95x Contributing Member • Posts: 862
Re: Canon R5 or R5C?

"...advanced video nonsense."

For anyone truly interested in cinematography, the video side of the R5c is not the embodiment of "advanced video nonsense."  The menu and functions mirror—for the most part—those of Canon's arguably more capable cinema cameras, i.e., the C70, C300 MK III, C500 Mk II, C700.  if the OP is not prepared to invest the limited amount of time it might take to master the basic functions required of video, then the R5c is not for him.  For many of those early adopters of the R5c, myself included, the camera acts as a 'B' Cam to one or more of the aforementioned cine cameras, and it is a job that it performs with aplomb.

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