Does Sony's Bluetooth remote work with laowa macro lens for focus stacking?

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Re: Does Sony's Bluetooth remote work with laowa macro lens for focus stacking?

Mike Fewster wrote:


The bad news is that many Sony owners have asked for af stacking for years and Sony shows no interest.

I stack off-camera, but I'd like AF bracketing for sure. Sony are unfathomably stubborn on this. Much like touch-control and flippy screens which they took ages to grudgingly implement, on a few models, and not that well. I can see a few valid technical arguments against flippiness for LCDs, but none for ignoring focus bracketing.

In the end, it boils down to profit. Too few togs rate the feature important so Sony's market surveys forecast little to no comparative return on investment. Opportunity costs in soaking up R&D resources factor in too. That dictates priorities. As always.

In the meantime, it forced me to practice harder at handheld focus bracketing (and semi-handheld on a monopod). Moving the subject, or camera or spinning the focus ring between shots does get easier to do accurately with practice. It's very effective. If the light is good, I often use a fast shutter and continuous burst shooting to snag a short stack really quickly. Usually less than 10 frames but can be over 100 in still (and stable) conditions. Best with A1, but after getting better using that, I found I'd improved when using the slower bodies too. Win!

I'd still like AF focus bracketing as an option, but I guess I should thank Sony for NOT implementing it really. But that's enough "not implementing" now thanks...

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