Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

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Re: Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

Ilford Fujifilm wrote:

PatriotDrone wrote:

But, I've become aware that almost all full-frame options actually crop when shooting 4k/60, which seems to lose the low-light advantage of full-frame,

No, it doesn't. Who told you that?
A crop means you are going to use the APS-c part of the sensor, which is still way bigger than the sensor in you current gear.

You could even consider buying an APS-c camera, it is generally less expensive and easier to use (although I do not know exactly what APS-c cameras record 4k/60p).

Again, I'm brand new to this aspect of video, and I appreciate your patience. I'm trying to get all this straight, and what I've read seems to say that when shooting 4k/60 with most full-frame cameras, only a smaller, cropped portion of the sensor is used, so it loses the low-light performance of the full-size sensor. This is from Wikipedia:

"All APS-C variants are considerably smaller than 35 mm standard film which measures 36×24 mm. Because of this, devices with APS-C sensors are known as "cropped frame," especially when used in connection with lens mounts that are also used with sensors the size of 35 mm film: only part of the image produced by the lens is captured by the APS-C size sensor."

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