Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

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Re: Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

Hey all - many thanks for the good replies.  Sorry, I should have been more specific - although most of my work is drone, I began to offer video walkthroughs and they have been very popular with my residential real estate clients, despite me shooting all the interiors on the little Pocket 2 gimbal with its tiny 1/2" sensor. (And actually I have flown indoors on a small handful of specialty jobs, from very large residences to a massive archabbey! although this is far from the norm, and it's much more difficult and risky than normal drone work.)

I do understand that I'm looking at spending 10x as I did on my little gimbal, but I want to do it once and have something that will give me high quality and last.  I do understand that once I buy a lens and a gimbal I'll be in the $3,000+ range, and I'm willing to spend that to deliver a top-quality end result and not be left wishing I'd bought something better.

The Z6ii was high on my list, and it too has a crop at 4k.  The R6 looks great but it's very hard to justify spending another $1k just for uncropped 4k/60.  I think I've talked myself into going with the S5 with the Sigma 14-24 and just shooting interiors in 1080/60.  I'll experiment with 4k/60 and see if the crop makes things too narrow. My little Pocket 2 has a 15mm-equivalent focal length, so a 14mm would do very nicely.

If anyone else that reads this shoots real estate video walkthroughs, I'd love to hear how you shoot interiors - 1080? Cropped 4k? No need for me to reinvent the wheel since a whole lot of really talented folks are already doing it beautifully.

Many thanks for the help, all!

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