Are D6, D850 and D780 going to be obsolete after 2022?

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Re: Are D6, D850 and D780 going to be obsolete after 2022?

UncleLary wrote:

If Nikon has it's way, I think they will be gone. Hope I'm wrong, but...

You have heard it before and elsewhere. There is tremendous long term cost advantages for Nikon to dump DSLRs. Right now, for the first time in a while, the camera manufacturers are in the driver's seat. So why not take this opportunity to force their already established base to buy new stuff ( churn their customers ). Seems unfortunately like modern business practice, or predatory satisfaction if you will. If you doubt me, remember how they treat you at their events. You are in their way.

However, with cameras, the situation is more complex. In particular with Nikon. Clearly other makers don't rightly care that much about their past customers. Nikon has acted like they do. So they may hold off for a while. Maybe not. But their is a chance - unless Nikon believes they can get away with the previously argued forced migration. Risky maneuver even for a market dominator so believe their is still hope.

For me, I have used Nikon as my primary provider for over 40 years. Also have used Zeiss and Leitz along side Nikon, but as seconds. Have used for over a year at the pro and high art levels the D850 and Z7ii, and when available the Z9 since it's release side by side. I no longer reach for the Z system. May use a Z when sneak attack is warranted but would like not do so. Despite my feelings that the Z9 has one of the best camera feels ever. I love it! Right their along side the original D800, my ancient Leica M4 and my bronze RTS II.

Issues against the Zs: Like the EVF, but prefer the OVF - issue is EVF is slow. Deal breaker slow. Focus is worse. Whilst good most of the time, anything complex and kapow. Doesn't focus properly. Battery life poor. Handling slow and cumbersome, which for me, may be the unconscious dealbreaker. But also, the image quality. ( I hear the death threats a coming. ). Images whilst initially stunning out the camera at first glance, the color is bit cartoonish under many conditions ( most of the time? ) Artificial. As the contrast seems to be, though I do love the snap. And the lenses seem to lack character - whatever that means. In comparison to the best of the AF-S lenses and some AIS ones, the glass lacks the color finesse, subtly, articulation and luminosity. I love the classic Nikon look which makes the girls look like stars. It is certainly absent from Z glass in spades.

The glass issue really bothers me do to my conflicts. In general, the Z lenses appear to be sharper sooner ( at wider F stops ) and most importantly to me, free ( well mostly ) of blue and blue violet fringing, which drives me up the wall. So at odds here.

Still, I don't reach for the Zs anymore.

So for me, hope for D long term.

I believe you hit many of the nails right on the head with your statements. However, your second last sentence is the key "Still, I don't reach for the Zs anymore."  No camera company wants to hear such statements about their latest attempts to rule the world.

The big question really is do your feelings apply to other mirrorless offerings from other brands?  And are those feelings shared by other mirrorless users using those brands?

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