My Canon 70-300L is soft and has bad details, why?

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Re: My Canon 70-300L is soft and has bad details, why?

Florian_Dario wrote:

Hello! I recently made a back focus test to see if that was the problems to the softness and the bad details. But it wasnt.

I mainly shoot airplanes and i often get soft and pictures that is out of focus and ive been planespotting for 2-3 years and i know that theres nothing wrong with my technique or settings, i usully go with these settings, f/8.0, 1/800, ISO 100 and use IS and i have steady hands aswell. I have never excpereinc this with any other lenses. My camera hpuse is 80D, Any idea what could cause the softness?

i'll post some unedited raw pictures below and they look alright if u dont zoom in to it. But as soon as u zoom in or covert it to 1920 it looks terrible.

Thanks in advance

I've used this combo frequently for shooting civil planes in the past.

2 things : front-/backfocus and IS mode.

You seem to have ruled out focus errors already. So that leaves IS mode  : Use IS mode 2 or no IS at all. Mode 1 on the 70-300L can cause the effects shown on the A321. Keep that mode for slow moving, or static subjects.


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