MW Panoramas: Optimizing time for foreground images

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Re: MW Panoramas: Optimizing time for foreground images

I disagree as the thread starter is using relatively long exposure times (2 min) which can results in many hot pixels (depending on the camera) which are best removed by a dark frame. Of course he can check if his raw-converter can already 'solve' that problem. As the s/n level for the - dark - foreground isn't that critical one exposure for each pano might be enough. As I don't know the temperature conditions for the thread starter he should be the best person to test and evaluate the different ideas.

Doing multi-row panos I know how helpful flatfields can be. The standard vignette of the usual software is still leaving some anomalies behind which will show up during stretching. So - once again - it depends on the conditions at the photo location (light pollution) and how much processing (stretching) is applied.

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